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customer's voice

  • Mr. Brian-sama Australian(Shot on November 11, 2010)

    【customer's voice】
    I always use this hotel when I come to Japan.
    Here is my favorite.Because the tallest me, the bed here is the best.
    It is spacious and comfortable as well.The room is large, the staff is kind
    I will definitely use it when I next come to Japan.

    【Staff comments】
    Mr. Brian-sama sun always bright.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff for expressing how I like the hotel before going out.
    Please drop in when you come to Japan again.Thank you very much.
  • Hello Ehime FC Junior Youth(Shot on October 17, 2010)

    【Staff comments】
    Ehime FC Junior Youth players who are all energetic.We got introduction from Hannan University and stayed.
    Thank you for being used every time of expedition.
    Every one of us all the time we get power from everyone.
    We will be waiting for the next expedition match.Thank you very much.
  • Dear Teikyo High School Football Club(Shot taken on October 3, 2010)

    【Staff comments】
    Everyone of the regular team players of the high school soccer national competition.When visiting, we came over with a super extra-large bus so that the entrance of the front desk is completely hidden.
    All the staff are overwhelmed by a big bus that I have never seen before ....
    Everyone at the players was polite and the staff once again pinned his spine.
    I will be waiting for the expedition match.Thank you very much.
  • Hello Abispa Fukuoka U-18(Shot on August 20, 2010)

    【Staff comments】
    We received an introduction from Mr. Ambassador Morishima of Cerezo Osaka.
    As expected, the players of the lower team of the J League, the rigor of time and our response to everything else is exactly the word "brilliant" or "smart".
    All the staff are just interested.And everyone who had a little ornate as a result of the future J - Leaguer.
    I will be waiting for the expedition match.Thank you very much.