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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of place is around Nagai Park?

    Nagai Park (Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City) is a green park with a walking (running) course that is less than 3 km per lap and is crowded Continue reading
  • Why is not the amenity set up?

    Amenity is not taken from the idea of ​​using disposable items as much as possible, reducing ideas to reduce garbage, going with ecology, anContinue reading
  • Can I leave my luggage?

    We will keep your luggage before check-in and after check-out! Please tell the front desk.
  • Is there a restaurant in the neighborhood?

    There are many restaurants such as cafes, ramen shops, okonomiyaki shops, revolving sushi, udon shops, soba shops, grilled meat shops, and IContinue reading
  • Will you accept even if I send the package ahead of you?

    When you send your luggage directly to the hotel front desk, ① (Name of the person who made the reservation)
    ② Check-in date ③ Please indicaContinue reading
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?

    Check in: From 4 pm (last night until 12 o'clock.However, if you can pass 12 o'clock in the evening at your convenience, it is possible if yContinue reading
  • Is there a curfew at the hotel?

    The entrance will be locked once for crime prevention at 24:00. If you are returning after 24:00, please bring the key of the entrance you gContinue reading
  • Please tell me about amenity goods

    The hotel is a concept that we dare not disposable amenity usually installed at hotel, so we do not increase unnecessary waste and consider Continue reading
  • Is it a cheap charge, is the bath and toilet shared?

    All rooms have a unit bath.
  • Is there a coin parking nearby?

    Coin parking is located 1 minute on foot from our hotel.Please understand that it may be full because of circumstances.
  • Where is the nearest station?

    There are 2 stops to the nearest station.【1】JR Hanwa Line (JR Hanwa Line Hanwa Line) "Tsurugaoka Station"Tsurugaoka Station straight from thContinue reading
  • Do you separate smoking rooms / non-smoking rooms?

    The hotel has smoking and non-smoking rooms. Please inform us of the room you would like when booking.(It may not be accepted depending on tContinue reading
  • Can I use the Internet in my room?

    It is within the facility, Wi-Fi is equipped.
  • Can I use a credit card?

    There is no credit card handling in our hotel.We ask you to pay in cash at check-in.We accept customers' preference by bank transfer in advaContinue reading
  • What is the charge for staying with a child?

    Children up to elementary school students are free if parents are cooked. There is no additional bed treatment.
  • How big is the room?

    All rooms are 14 square meters (13 m²) in size.
  • Is there a free loan service?

    Free loan is two points.【1】Hair dryer, "2" bicycle (limited 2 units), Please note that there is a limited number of both.
  • Is there a convenience store nearby?

    【One minute on foot】There are "Seven-Eleven" (bank ATM, with alcohol), "3 minutes on foot", "FamilyMart" (bank ATM, cigarettes, alcohol), "5Continue reading
  • Is there a coin launderette nearby?

    There is a coin-operated laundrette in a place 1 minute on foot.
  • Is the front desk open 24 hours?

    Staff are available at front desk service except 2 to 5 AM.(When the staff leaves the front desk, be sure to bring a mobile phone, so pleaseContinue reading
  • Is there a restaurant in the neighborhood?

    【One minute on foot】"3 minutes on foot" such as coffee shops, ramen, yakiniku, Korean cuisine, creative dishes, sushi, okonomiyaki, Chinese Continue reading
  • Are there any banks or post offices in the vicinity?

    Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking(store, ATM·5 minutes on foot), post office: (Branch · 3 minutes on foot) ,.
  • Is there a hospital nearby?

    Internal medicine, dentistry (1 minute walk), surgery, orthopedic surgery, pharmacy (3 minutes on foot).
  • About sending luggage from hotel

    Luggage shipment (courier) from hotel is limited to cash on arrival. (We are dealing with convenience stores etc. except payment on deliveryContinue reading
  • Please tell me the fixtures in the room

    Semi-double Bed(Single Room), Bunk bed(Twin Room), unit bus(Petit size), Table set, Kettle pot cup, refrigerator(Sky), Garbage can, LCD TV hContinue reading
  • Do you have a refrigerator?

    All the rooms have a fridge. Because it is empty, you can bring alcohol, juice etc.
  • Can I eat inside the facility?

    There is no meal place in the facility, but only breakfast is available because there are neighborhood partner shops.  In addition, since thContinue reading
  • Can I keep my luggage even before check-in?

    We will deposit you if you can contact us in advance.Please contact the front desk.Please manage your valuables kindly.(However, we can not Continue reading
  • How should I go from Shin-Osaka Station to the hotel?

    Please use the Subway Midosuji Line (Midosuji Line). Purchase a ticket for "Nishitanabe Station" and go to the station home. Take the train Continue reading
  • How should I go from Kansai Airport?

    Kansai Airport train (JR) from Kansai Airport.  Kansai-airport Station takes about 45 minutes from Kansai-airport Station to Tsurugaoka StatContinue reading

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